Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday, weigh in day

This morning's weight : 191.8

Yipee!!! Its the first the scales have moved since 12/15/2012. Now mind you it was my fault the scales have been stuck. My eating habits were not the best during the holiday season. My weaknesses this holiday season were booze and spicy crackers. Pre-surgery, it would have been sweets, but sweet things just do not taste the same to me anymore. I am thankful the scale did not go up this holiday season.

I, of course, made  New Years Resolutions. This year they did not include losing weight. This year my resolutions include

1.) Log my food intake faithfully on My Fitness Pal. I had not logged so faithfully during this holiday season
2.) To work out at least three times a week. I have been slacking on my exercise because life gets in way,but I feel its important to make the time now.

I went back to work after a long Christmas/ New Years Holiday this past Wednesday. My son went back to school the day after I went back to work. He is in Kindergarten. It was a rough couple days for both of us. I work in law enforcement and my job is fast paced and high stress. I've also decided to try to have a better attitude at work. We are over worked and over stressed there and there is nothing I can do to change it, and I should try to make the best of it, instead of wallowing in it.