A few of my weight loss staples

Here are some things I am finding essential to my success at this time

My Fit Bit, it's a great pedometer. I love it!

Also I love Premier Protein drink. It taste great, and it has 30g of protein. I buy mine at Sams. I've heard you can buy them from Costco

This is my favorite cheese to snack on. I eat some of it every day!

I love these things too. They are perfect for when I am having a chip craving, they are crunchy, have protein and low carbs!

They are a must have snack on the go with protein

These are what I grab when I have a chocolate craving at night

For some reason after surgery, my taste buds are not the same and I must have flavored water. Right now I must have grape flavored water. LOL

One of my favorite snacks that I eat almost every day is cashews. After I eat these I am full for quite a while.


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