My Daily Regimen

These are the things that I take daily

1.) Chewable vitamins (mine are the generic Flintstones)
2.) Tums (for calcium supplement)
3.) Biotin. Please note that no matter what anyone says I have found that Biotin does not help with hair loss, but rather with hair regrowth.
4.) Fiber Gummies, because you need those when you have a diet high in protein
5.) Not pictured for some reason (I don't know how I missed it) but I also take a daily dose of Omeprazole Magnesium

The only thing my surgeon requires me to take is the vitamins (he recommended the Flintstones chewables) and the calcium supplement (he also recommended taking two tums a day for this also)

I keep my daily regimen in a one of those days of the weeks pill keepers, because that is the only way I can keep up with taking all of this. LOL

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